The Great Amalgamation

Scholars have long debated whether planet X crashing into earth’s orbit and shattering the moon brought the magic now prevalent on earth, or released it. Toward the end of the 22nd century The long anticipated merge with planet X was no longer an astrological meandering thought but a very real planet with rings headed straight for earth. It dragged Apophis with it and shattered the moon into 3 sections now called upper middle and lower moon respectively.

The impact should have obliterated the earth but instead the two planets magnetic poles aligned and converged and the two planets became one large planet that tore itself apart and reordered itself into a chaotic mess that resembled its former existence in name only. Magic had infused and changed the way even gravity worked between the three planetary bodies, 4 if you count Apophis.

Physicist scientist and engineers had to throw away everything they thought they knew about how the universe worked. They created a new working order called ‘New Science’, which was latter just simply called magic.

The moon was now connected by a great sea which flowed straight up, or straight down depending on your perspective.

Adventurers had set out from earth to explore this new planet, which you could just walk to. Some cities and continents disappeared, merged changed and reformed during the Amalgamation connecting the planetary bodies into one more or less grand atmosphere that changed oceans and rivers and wind-streams forever. New sharp jagged and dangerous mountains popped up where planet x and the earth merged, as well as new and deadly oceans and seas.

Planet X was much larger than earth maybe 5 or 6 times and was and is as yet unmapped. All sort of strange and wonderful creature both bizarre and terrible spawn from there, including the dreaded dinosaurs.

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